Slip & Fall Accidents / Premises Liability

In Hawaii, the personal injury attorneys at the Honolulu law office of Rosenberg McKay Hoffman help people who have hurt in a slip and fall accident on the dangerous property of another, where the premises have been negligently maintained or unsafe conditions have not been repaired or properly warned against. A slip and fall can result in the whole range of injuries, from bruises, cuts and sprains to traumatic brain injury, neck or back injury, or debilitating fractures at the hip and wrist. A person who is subjected to a slip and fall accident should seek appropriate medical attention and where appropriate, seek legal counsel to hold a negligent property owner liable for the damages caused.

Duty to Repair, Duty to Warn

When a property owner either knows or should know about an unreasonable risk of harm that exists on the property, the owner has a duty to take reasonable steps to either eliminate the risk or give adequate warning of the danger to others. This duty exists for all but the most open and obvious dangers.

When a slip and fall occurs, serious questions are raised about whether the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. If so, were reasonable steps taken to correct the situation or warn about the unsafe condition? When the condition is only temporary in nature, such as a slippery floor from a spilled drink in a restaurant or water tracked into a hotel lobby or beachfront store, the timing between when the condition was created and when the accident happened is often a critical factor. There are many ways to establish this time frame, including calling upon experts in the industry to testify to the reasonable and customary schedule of routine inspections in the particular type of business.

Some of the more common examples of dangerous premises leading to a slip and fall accident include:

  • Wet floors - hotel lobbies and entrances from poolside or beachside, beachfront stores
  • Food or drink spills in restaurants or grocery stores
  • Unmarked steps or inclines
  • Broken stairs
  • Broken or missing handrails on stairs
  • Bumps in the carpet
  • Defective elevator or escalator

Premises Liability is More than Just Slip and Fall

In addition to slip and fall accidents, unsafe premises can cause injuries in other ways. Exposed electrical wiring create the risk of electric shock or electrocution. Objects falling from shelves can cause a serious head or neck injury. Construction site accidents and other industrial accidents can result from unsafe premises, including falls from heights such as ladders and scaffolding which were improperly secured. Accidents and injuries occurring on military bases and installations present a unique set of issues for servicemembers seeking a military personal injury claim against the government.

The attorneys at Rosenberg McKay Hoffman have decades of experience handling slip and fall accidents and premises liability cases in Hawaii. We know the steps to take to obtain a recovery that compensates you for your damages. If you have been injured in a slip and fall or other accident on dangerous or unsafe premises, contact Rosenberg McKay Hoffman for a free consultation.